The Project Future Podcast: Paul Cash on Adding Sugar to the B2B Cake

How can you humanize your marketing?

Rob Kerr’s guest in Episode 37 of The Project Future Podcast is Paul Cash, a creative entrepreneur on a personal mission to humanize B2B marketing.

In the past 20 years, he’s successfully founded a business recognised as the fastest growing marketing agency in the UK, published a book, won over 30 industry awards and been recognised as one of the Top 20 most influential B2B marketers.

At the weekends he spends his time on the football and rugby fields of Surrey coaching his two boys. He is a lifelong Everton fan, has some pretty mean skills in the kitchen, loves Game of Thrones and Billions and if he could get a hole in one before he dies he would be a very happy man.

In this conversation Paul explains:

– How he first went public with his marketing ideas

– What happened when his first business went from 2 people to 100 people in 4 years

– What he did to find the right next step after his first business was acquired

– Why being innovative can feel like pushing water uphill

– How every small business is on a tightrope

– The 3 languages that every B2B marketer (and small business owner) needs to understand

– How FEAR can turn to BRAVE

– What you can achieve by identifying unconscious needs

– Why you should adopt a challenger mindset

– The trend towards conscious capitalism

– The five principles you can use to humanize your marketing

– Why naivety can be your greatest weapon

Paul’s best advice is to slash your revenue projections before making a decision on your business idea.


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